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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
M & T Bank v. McCrae 18 MA 0054foreclosure; eviction; consolidated cases; Civ.R. 54 (B); no final appealable order.DonofrioMahoning 3/14/2019 3/19/2019 2019-Ohio-938
In re Adoption of A.C.M.C. 18 BE 0043step-parent adoption; R.C.3107.07(A); no justifiable cause for lack of contact between biological father and childDonofrioBelmont 3/13/2019 3/14/2019 2019-Ohio-879
Stalder v. Bucher 17 MO 0017oil and gas; dormant mineral act; marketable title act; notice; summary judgmentDonofrioMonroe 3/13/2019 3/19/2019 2019-Ohio-936
Triad Hunter, L.L.C. v. Eagle Natrium, L.L.C. 18 MO 0012West Virginia defendants allegedly solution-mining into Ohio minerals; trial court’s finding it lacked personal jurisdiction is reversed; plaintiff met purposeful availment prong of the constitutional test for personal jurisdiction in Ohio; also reversing trial court’s alternative forum non conveniens dismissal.RobbMonroe 3/11/2019 3/19/2019 2019-Ohio-940
In re A.L.F. 18 CO 0024termination of parental rights; weight of evidence; cannot be placed with parent within a reasonable time or should not be so placed; 12 of 22 provision; reasonable reunification efforts; best interest test.RobbColumbiana 3/11/2019 3/19/2019 2019-Ohio-937
State v. Patterson 18 NO 0462guilty plea; plea colloquy; sustantial compliance; strict compliance; consecutive sentence; felony.DonofrioNoble 3/8/2019 3/14/2019 2019-Ohio-881
State v. Turner 17 MA 0155agreed sentence not imposed; contests sentence; claim prosecution breached plea agreement by asking the court to disregard agreed sentence as defendant failed to appear at original sentencing hearing; different judge presided at sentencing than one who presided at plea hearing.RobbMahoning 3/7/2019 3/19/2019 2019-Ohio-934
State v. Stroughter 17 MA 0158Appellant was not required to be advised his guilty plea waived the right to a jury trial or of his Crim.R. 32(B) right to appeal because the crimes charged and pled to were not serious offenses; the crimes were petty misdemeanors. Ohio law does not require either of those advisements for non-serious offenses.RobbMahoning 3/7/2019 3/19/2019 2019-Ohio-935
TD REO Fund, L.L.C. v. Citadel Analytics Group, L.L.C. 18 MA 0072foreclosure order does not lack finality by entering judgment for sums advanced for real estate taxes, hazard insurance premiums, and property protection without specifying amounts as these amounts are not yet known; damage order was not indefinite or improper.RobbMahoning 3/7/2019 3/19/2019 2019-Ohio-939
State v. Magby 17 MA 0006guilty plea; motion to withdraw; sentence; substantial compliance; arson registrationDonofrioMahoning 3/5/2019 3/14/2019 2019-Ohio-877