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State v. Seals L-17-1177In an Anders case, the trial court erred in imposing the costs of appointed counsel and confinement without first finding that the defendant had the ability to pay. PietrykowskiLucas 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2028
State v. Clark WD-17-025Ohio Adm.Code 5537-2-09 conflicts with R.C. 4511.25(B) where both cover the same subject matter and Ohio Adm.Code 5537-2-09 improperly adds to the rule provided in R.C. 4511.25(B)(1). Ohio Adm.Code 5537-2-09 is unconstitutional as applied. SingerWood 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2029
Robinson v. Mercy St. Vincent Med. Ctr. L-17-1102Trial court abused its discretion in allowing evidence of prior successful deliveries by obstetrician in violation of Evid.R. 402, 404(B), and 403(A), thus motion for new trial should have been granted. Rebuttal evidence was properly excluded where proffered evidence crossed line into medical testimony by lay witness. Appellant waived error in admission of expert opinion where not raised in motion for new trial.MayleLucas 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2030
State v. Pitts L-17-1221Trial court did not err in appellant’s misdemeanor convictions. OsowikLucas 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2031
E.G. Licata, L.L.C. v. E.G.L., Inc. L-17-1124; L-17-1125Tenant is not entitled to a setoff from a damages award in the landlord’s favor where the expenses it bore were for repairs, not capital improvements, and the tenant was responsible to make “all repairs” under the terms of the lease.OsowikLucas 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2032
State v. Jones S-16-040Conceded error. Failure to allow defendant to speak before sentencing. Consecutive sentences. Resentencing.SingerSandusky 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2033
Cianciola v. Johnson's Island Property Owners Assn. OT-17-027Trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying appellants’ motion to show cause where the claims raised in appellee’s complaint were premised upon common law principles and not upon an operating agreement and code of regulations the enforcement of which was enjoined in a prior action involving these parties.JensenOttawa 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2037
State v. Bourn S-17-032; S-17-029Trial court failed to comply with Crim.R. 11. Plea is vacated, judgment reversed, and case remanded.OsowikSandusky 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2040
Blevins v. Green Acres Mobilehome Park, Inc. F-17-011Summary judgment for defendants on negligence claim is appropriate where plaintiff fails to present any evidence that defendants breached a duty of care, or that any purported breach proximately caused plaintiff’s injuries.PietrykowskiFulton 5/25/2018 5/25/2018 2018-Ohio-2041
Toledo v. Williams L-17-1120Plain error. Amendment of complaints. Degree of offenses and penalties changed. Nature or identity of charges changed. Plea. Insufficient evidence.SingerLucas 5/18/2018 5/18/2018 2018-Ohio-1954