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State v. Patterson WD-17-045; WD-17-046Trial counsel was not so ineffective as to deprive appellant of meaningful representation because no error in the record resulted in prejudice or precluded appellant from entering a knowing, voluntary plea. R.C. 2941.401 time limits were not violated. SingerWood 11/20/2018 11/20/2018 2018-Ohio-4672
In re M.F. L-18-1154Father had ongoing drug issues and sporadic visitation with the children. Children services agency with temporary custody of the children have the right to move at any time for a final dispositional order pursuant to R.C. 2151.353(F)(2). No extension of the case required because father did not demonstrate significant progress on the case plan.SingerLucas 11/20/2018 11/20/2018 2018-Ohio-4674
In re J.K. L-18-1125Trial court reasonable efforts determination was proper. Judgment was support by the manifest weight of the evidence.OsowikLucas 11/20/2018 11/20/2018 2018-Ohio-4675
Ohio Edison Co. v. Soule S-17-052Trial court order granting summary judgment for appellee is affirmed, in part, and reversed, in part. Negligence, damages, utility pole, depreciation, direct and indirect costs, reasonable costs of restoration, summary judgment, genuine issues, material facts, questions of law, de novo review.OsowikSandusky 11/16/2018 11/16/2018 2018-Ohio-4624
State v. Mayfield E-17-028Trial court strictly complied with its obligations under Crim.R. 11(C)(2)(c) by informing appellant of his constitutional rights, including his right not to be compelled to testify against himself at trial. The trial court’s lack of subject-matter jurisdiction over one of the charges that was dismissed under the plea agreement does not render the plea involuntary, nor does it render defense counsel’s assistance ineffective.JensenErie 11/16/2018 11/16/2018 2018-Ohio-4626
State v. Ciboro L-17-1045, L-17-1046, L-17-1047Because defendant waived his right to counsel voluntarily, knowingly, and intelligently, he could not maintain a claim of ineffective assistance of trial counsel. Defendant’s rape convictions were supported by legally sufficient evidence and were not against the manifest weight of the evidence where victims’ testimony established multiple counts of rape.OsowikLucas 11/16/2018 11/16/2018 2018-Ohio-4627
In re G.P. L-18-1126, L-18-1130, L-18-1132The trial court’s decision to terminate appellants’ parental rights was supported by the manifest weight of the evidence. The trial court based its findings under R.C. 2151.414(D)(1) and (E) on clear and convincing evidence. Father could not support his argument that his trial counsel was ineffective because he failed to show that counsel’s performance prejudiced him.MayleLucas 11/14/2018 11/14/2018 2018-Ohio-4584
State ex rel. DeWine v. Buckeye Impact Group, L.L.C. S-18-01The right against self-incrimination must be asserted properly and timely. A blanket assertion will generally be insufficient to invoke this right.WillamowskiSandusky 11/13/2018 11/14/2018 2018-Ohio-4578
U.S. Bank v. Hill OT-17-029Trial court properly granted summary judgment to appellee because there were no genuine issues of material fact and appellee was entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Judgment affirmed. Summary judgment, de novo review, promissory note, mortgage, foreclosure, breach of contract, fraudulent inducementOsowikOttawa 11/9/2018 11/9/2018 2018-Ohio-4532
State v. Tucker WD-17-051Petition for postconviction relief properly denied where appellant’s assertion that state failed to disclose exhibits was belied by trial record showing that appellant made deliberate decision not to request discovery to avoid tolling speedy-trial time. Additionally, the issue was barred by res judicata because it could have been raised on direct appeal.MayleWood 11/9/2018 11/9/2018 2018-Ohio-4533