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  All open cases and cases closed in past 180 days.
Case No.Case CaptionCase StatusDate
Case Issue
2017-1336 Cynthia H. Boyd; Thomas E. Flanders v. Kingdom Trust Company; Pensco Trust Company; John Does 1-25 OPEN 12/6/2017 Does Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 1707.43 impose joint and several liability on a person who, acting as the custodian of a self-directed IRA, purchased - on behalf and at the direction of the owner of the self-directed IRA - illegal securities?
2017-1245 Daniel Stolz v. J & B Steel Erectors, Inc., et al. OPEN 12/6/2017 Whether Ohio Rev. Code 4123.35(O) is unconstitutional as applied to the tort claims of an enrolled subcontractor's employee who is injured while working on a self-insured construction project and whose injury is compensable under Ohio workers' compensation laws.
2017-1160 I. B. et al. v. Olentangy Local School District Board of Education et al. OPEN 11/1/2017 "Does [R.C.] 2151.421 expressly impose civil liability on a school board, either for its own or its employee's failure to report, triggering the [R.C.] 2744.02(b)(5) exception to political subdivision immunity on a negligence per se claim based on [R.C.] 2151.421?"
2017-1122 State of Ohio v. Bruce L. Gordon OPEN 9/27/2017 Whether the post-release control notification of R.C. 2929.19(B)(2)(e) must include notification of the penalty provisions in R.C. 2929.141(A)(1)-(2), specifically, whether a trial court must inform an offender at the time of sentencing that the commission of a felony during a period of post-release control permits a trial court to impose a new prison term for the violation to be served consecutively with any prison term for the new felony.
2017-0936 State of Ohio v. Jeffrey Bowshier OPEN 10/11/2017 Proposition of Law No 1: The Court of Appeals erred when it denied the appeal on the basis of Anders Brief when the Appellant presented case law in support of his position.
2017-0913 Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, Jeremy Aker, et al. v. Ohio Department of Education OPEN 9/13/2017 PROPOSITION OF LAW NO. 4: ODE Is Barred, By The Plain And Unambiguous Language Of R.C.  3314.08, From Imposing The Challenged Durational Criterion
2017-0891 State of Ohio v. Andrew J. Kouts OPEN 9/13/2017 During a plea proceeding, does a trial court's failure to inform a defendant about the residential restrictions imposed on sex offenders under R.C. Chapter 2950 render the plea invalid?
2017-0870 The Bank of New York Mellon v. Susan L. Rhiel, Trustee OPEN 9/13/2017 (1) Whether an individual who is not identified in the body of a mortgage, but who signs and initials the mortgage, is a mortgagor of his or her interest?
2017-0870 The Bank of New York Mellon v. Susan L. Rhiel, Trustee OPEN 9/13/2017 (2) Is a mortgage signed and initialed by an individual whose name is not identified in the body of the mortgage but whose signature is properly acknowledged pursuant to Ohio Revised Code  5301, invalid as a matter of law such that parol evidence is not admissible to determine the intent of the individual signing the mortgage?
2017-0696 Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities v. Portage County Educators' Association for Developmental Disabilities OPEN 7/26/2017 "What standard of review governs appellate review of a decision by the court of common pleas confirming, modifying, vacating, or correcting an arbitration award?"
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