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Feb. 24, 2010
Ways to Boost Morale Discussed at Judicial College Course

Court personnel managers learned some tips Tuesday on how to motivate and maintain morale during tough financial times.

Offered by the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College, the “Art of Motivating in Challenging Times” course noted that even during the best financial times being a manager can be difficult.

The challenges of being a manager increase as resources shrink and layoffs or furloughs become a necessity for balancing unforeseen budget shortfalls, according to the course description. “During these times, communities under stress do not decrease their need for court services and court personnel take on more work with little money to compensate them for their increased responsibilities.”

Course participants examined how to identify the non-financial motivators inherent in every job, how the culture of an organization impacts performance and motivation, and how to customize their motivation efforts based on the individual needs of team members.

The “Challenging Times” course will be offered twice more this year to court personnel: July 23 in northeast Ohio and Sept. 23 in Athens.

The Judicial College, an office within the Supreme Court of Ohio, was created in 1976 to help judges meet their mandatory education requirements. It is partially funded by attendee registration fees and federal grants.

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