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July 9, 2009
Supreme Court Takes Court Interpreter Course to Local Courts in Youngstown Area

Local courts now won’t have to travel far for training about how to hire qualified court interpreters.

The Judicial and Courts Services division of the Supreme Court of Ohio provides technical assistance and resources for Ohio Courts, which includes the July 17 court interpreter training seminar.

“As opposed to local courts spending their limited resources to travel to Columbus to attend a training session, we are bringing the training to them,” said Bruno Romero, program manager for the Supreme Court’s Interpreter Services Program. “Chief Justice Moyer encouraged us to reach out to local courts in these tough economic times.”

State law requires courts to appoint qualified interpreters to assist a limited English proficient, deaf or hard of hearing party or witness who cannot communicate in a legal proceeding, Romero said. Courts comply with the law, but it’s difficult sometimes to measure qualifications and fluency.

“This course will explore the differences between a bilingual person and a qualified court interpreter,” he said. “The course also will illustrate why individuals must possess particular knowledge, skills and experience to be good court interpreters.”

An additional court interpreter training seminar for local courts is scheduled for October in Athens. For details about the time and location of the Youngstown training seminar, contact Romero at 614.387.9404.

Contact: Chris Davey or Bret Crow at 614.387.9250.